Do you make yourself sick through worry…?

Health defined by the world health organisation states: “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” (WHO 1948).

Emotions are a reaction to your beliefs being positive or negative, which have been constructed and shaped by your experiences,culture,parents,role models and unfortunately shock and trauma from childhood.

This forms your sense of identity,values,attitude to life and your belief of what the world around you really means to you…

Beliefs are imprinted upon us from an early age and maybe as you read this certain expectations from your parents have stayed with you,hindering or helping you in the present moment…

Through my research working with clients I have come to the conclusion beliefs are basically habits as through a habitual system of thinking and living you create what you can and cant do!

Self talk is going on all of the time in our heads ranging from fleeting thoughts to full day dreams most of which can be negative affecting our attitudes ( a collection of values and beliefs around our lives) towards actually anything in your life.

The mind is very powerful and is habitual in nature going over the same thoughts leading to stronger feelings,leading to an emotion:energy in motion then perhaps you act which then becomes a behaviour and if repeated becomes a habit or really a belief about your self or the situation you are in!

I can name hundreds of case studies where the person literally has talked themselves into believing they cannot lose weight,be more confident have a great relationship etc and within a short period dress sizes have dropped,self confidence going through the roof leaving them happier because we have changed their self talk and sub conscious mind…

Now the sub conscious mind has a barrier and that is you!

As we are only consciously aware and in control around 5% of the time and the rest ,if my maths is any good is 95% of the time.

This may explain why someone has another bad relationship experience,piles the weight on,smokes or is addicted to alcohol…

Have you seen or you may even know someone who complains about their relationship:has a really bad time and you hear they have split up,nothing unusual about that you say!

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