Deep Relaxation Programme

What is Deep Relaxation?

Deep Relaxation: The Direct Antidote To Stress

As our world speeds up, becoming increasingly complex and crowded, the number of people who believe the future will be better than the past steadily decreases. Most of us feel we are working harder for fewer rewards. The all-too-common result of this bleak vision of our lives, is chronic stress and the symptoms it creates. The purest antidote for stress is Deep Relaxation.

When we feel the power to control our lives slipping away, we become less comfortable with change. We fear losing what little we have. This produces an inner tension and defensiveness, a holding-on that resists change, even positive change that promises healing. It is in this seemingly no-win situation that deep relaxation methods are so enormously beneficial.

Deep relaxation can be dramatically effective in relieving symptoms such as inflammation, anxiety, and muscle tension. It can be a lifesaver when dealing with stress and life crises. And when relaxation exercises are combined with positive guided imagery for helping us through an upcoming event, it can vastly improve our ability to perform at optimal levels, even when taking on some of life’s greatest challenges.

By relieving tension, mind relaxation techniques improve circulation and speed up healing. Used before surgery, people need less anesthesia, have less postoperative pain, leave the hospital sooner, and get back on their feet with minimal complications.

Relaxation involves:

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Breathing techniques
  • Meditation
  • Self talk
  • Hypnotherapy

Confidential consultations can be arranged. For more details click here.

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