I was recommended to Dominic through a friend to get some help for my 13 year old son who had been suffering with anxiety / OCD for 6 years.

He was under the care of CAMHS and was not getting any better. The sessions were amazing. My son felt very comfortable with Dominique and was immediately put as ease. Every session was worth every penny, the treatment has been life changing for my son. He was taught great techniques to help maintain these positive results and he has not looked back since. He is more relaxed, has no anxiety, is calm and can face any situation he is faced with. This has helped him massively grow in confidence and he is now a stress free young man.

I have recently paid for my 10 year old daughter to have a block of sessions as she started worrying excessively which was age-related anxiety and there was no way I was even going to consider having her referred to CAMHS. She cannot thank him enough now that all of her worries have gone and she now feels more confident in herself.

I would not hesitate to use Dominic again and cannot recommend him enough.


I finished a course of 7 sessions with Dominic a week ago and can highly recommend him. If you want to engage in a very thorough mental MOT to kickstart a new you and secure a brighter future for yourself, he is your definitely your man.

He is very easy to talk to and work with and you will be delighted with the positive impact on your life. Very professional indeed and a pleasure to have met.

You will not regret your choice of NLP coach.


I went to see Dominic because my work confidence was low. This was having a massive impact on my work, how I presented myself but also my feelings towards myself. I was very low and negative.

After 6 sessions with Nick my work confidence was through the roof. I was getting excellent results, complements were coming from all angles. More importantly I felt happy and relaxed with who Iam.

Nick has a vast memory and knowledge of many techniques to support what each individual needs to break through. I highly recommend Dominic.


I first came into contact with Dominic when I was needing help in achieving my goals with my health and nutrition business venture. Up until that time I had never heard of NLP training but since having had a couple of face to face coaching sessions plus telephone coaching sessions with Dominic I am starting to think differently, act differently, keep focussed and remain positive which is definitely helping my confidence as well as my business grow. For years I have been suffering terrible insomnia and since employing Dominic's NLP techniques, to my amazement, my sleep patterns have improved enormously.


I have been utilising Nick's NLP services for a number of weeks to help me achieve my business objectives and life goals and I have been very impressed with his approach and the results I have had so far. Nick has helped me to be more focused and positive and his techniques have been easy to adopt.

Nick is very knowledgeable about his field and this comes through in the quality of the sessions I have had with him and the benefit of his knowledge and experience is very evident.

Nick is a friendly and approachable coach which makes working with him a pleasurable and enlightening experience, his self-belief and desire for his clients to succeed make him great to engage with.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Nick's services to friends, business associates and family as I believe everyone has something they can gain from NLP and from speaking with Nick and working with him.


I hired Dominic after meeting him at BNI to work with my son to build his confidence in both his football and school life. Dominic is highly experienced in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy with a knowledge that is second to none. After 2 months the difference in my son's confidence and attitude was, and has been, highly noticeable.

My confidence and outlook in my own business has changed through seeing the work that he does.

Dominic offers fantastic value for money and I would not hesitate to recommend him to business people or sports men and women


The NLP Training I have recently received from Dominic has been not only been enjoyable but has had a massive impact on my business and as a result of this my productivity is rocketing. My fellow business associates have commented that I am more confident and that I am much more focussed and driven in relation to both my business and personal goals. Dominic is patient and understanding and I would not hesitate to recommend him to my clients, friends, family and business contacts - I promise not to keep Dominic and NLP a secret

Business Woman 

I have been working with Dominic for the past couple of months and can honestly say that he has helped me make a big difference to my business and home life. I have grown in confidence and I believe in myself and life is looking very much brighter. I have even become a member of a networking group which for me is a massive things as I used to find standing up in front of a group of people very daunting. I am happier and more focused than I have ever been.

Dominic is like a breath of fresh air, he is very easy to talk to, and puts you totally at ease.

If you want to be happier, be more focused and enjoy life, then give Dominic a call - you won't regret it.

Business Woman 

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