Are you unhappy with your weight and or figure?

Do you want to lose weight to improve your career, relationship or just for that holiday bikini body?

Book onto our proven weight loss programme, which will help and support you to lose weight quickly, safely and keep the weight off!

Tailored to find out exactly what you want from this programme, suiting your lifestyle and individual needs:

  • Body measurements fat % and lean tissue % ,waist and hip ratios so your success is monitored.
  • Helps you change your habits towards unhealthy foods and actually ensures you will be internally motivated to getting the results you want.
  • Tailored healthy eating plan understanding what to eat and when to eat it (what you eat is around 70% of what you look like!)
  • Food diaries are essential and total text and phone support does really motivate you to get results fast (your own personal coach guiding you towards that fantastic body in 2017)
  • Personal training – exercise periodisation can be prescribed to ensure you work out smarter not necessarily harder, thus toning and developing that body quicker.

Your weight loss programme will benefit you immediately in many ways because:

  • Structured programme proves you can lose weight faster over 6 months (an average of 11.8kg) than people using less structured guidance (8kg loss).
  • More energy/vitality
  • Better hormonal balance
  • Positive mood
  • Self esteem
  • Improve Skin/Hair/Nails

Confidential consultations can be arranged. For more details click here.

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